Rules Last Updated on 30/10/2018

  1. No KOS (Kill On Sight)​​​​

    • KOS is never permitted unless it can be considered self defense

    • Self defense is when some shoots at you (either hitting you or a small area around you), your building and or your vehicle.

    • To have a killing not considered Kill On Sight, you must 'initiate' this means you must say "HANDS UP" or something that states they are being robbed, arrested, or involved in a shooting. You may only kill them if they do not cooperate with your demands.

    • You must give anyone you initiate on at least 10 seconds to attempt to cooperate with your demands.

    • Initiation only lasts for 10 minutes, after that time you must re-initiate.

    • No driving people over (It is not KOS if you run someone over in the middle of the road not at the sidewalk though it is bannable if you do not make an attempt to stop).

  2. No Spamming, Mic-Spam, Music Playing

    • Spamming includes writing the same message consistently or sending multiple (2+) messages within ~5 seconds (Administration may choose what is right).

    • Mic-Spam includes screaming into your mic, excessive noise.

    • Music Playing includes trollish singing, music playing (Through mic or in-game radio). Though Music Playing through your mic is permitted if you are a "DJ" and are not in populated areas like the main towns (Seattle, Everett, Tacoma

    • No Spamming horn's / siren's

  3. No Griefing / Raiding

    • You may not shoot / destroy other's buildings or vehicles in the process of attempting to gain their possessions / money.​

    • You may forcefully raid their house / building to catch someone you have already initiated on whether it is a gun store or a house (Only when they do not comply).

    • Only Police ranked Corporal or higher may raid if they have sufficient evidence of illegal activities.

  4. No Trolling

    • No randomly placing build-able's around the map.​

    • No suicidal vehicles.

    • No camping spawn zones.

    • No stealing tires / gas repeated (must follow rule #7 Be Realistic)

    • Administrator may determine what else to include.

  5. No Excessive use of Capitals

    • Using caps "Like This All The Time" is okay, but "USING CAPS LIKE THIS" is considered excessive.​

  6. Park Properly

    • Your vehicle must not be on the road or blocking any pathways / parking lots.

    • Best way for parking is to park in a designated parking spot, on the side of the road and on the grass (Police laws may overwrite these).

  7. Be Realistic

    • Anything you build and do must be realistic (In real life you don't wake up one day and decide to shoot the sky for no reason in the middle of a city).

    • Inside a vehicle, you must be able to see 180° around the players point of view.

    • No vehicle Armour plating.

    • Use of different vehicles that do not correspond to what your are Role playing as is not permitted (Police don't drive Lamborghini's).

    • You may not own a whole apartment building unless you and a group are owning it or you are selling / renting rooms.

    • Helmets may only be worn if you are driving a motorcycle or bike.

    • To use a makeshift vehicle, you must modify it in a way to make it realistic.

    • Only 1 door shall be placed in a single doorway.

    • Do not shoot others that are part of your group with intentions that they wont die.

    • No metal fences (Use the barbed wire fence)

    • Beds must be placed in a house in a correct bed location, beds should not be found on hills or places like a store.

    • You may not teleport to someone involved in a fight in order to help them, you must make your way over normally.

    • You may not teleport to someone or your bed to defend your base, /tpa and /home are to be used out of RP, therefor it should not be used for getting out of RP situations.

    • Robberies may only happen by a individual OR group only after 20 minutes of a previous robbery.

    • When cuffed, in jail or taken hostage you have no way of gaining item's or teleporting away, or others to you, therefor /i, /v, /tpa and /home are not permitted for use other then food (if none is provided by Police) and prison clothing. Crawling through the metal bars in the windows of the police station is also considered unrealistic as they clearly are there.

    • Pulling your gun out while someone is cuffing your hands is not permitted.

    • If someone is robbing you and your gun is holstered, you may not pull it out to defend, you must comply as a person would be able to shoot you.

  8. Role-Play

    • This is of course a Role-Play server so therefore you are required to Role-Play at all times while on the server.​

  9. No Military / Spec Ops / FBI / SWAT / Etc

    • You may not RP as Spec-Ops, Military, FBI or other roles similar though, you may wear their Vests, Backpacks, and Hats as long as you RP as another role.​

    • These roles may be given as special access as part of a purchase (i.e Administrators may be swat).

  10. No Hitman / Placing Hits

    • You may not RP as a hitman and be hired by others to kill people.​

    • You may not request that someone kill's another person

  11. Administration has Final Say

    • Admins have the final say over any situation, if you have a problem with their decision, do not cause more problems. Instead come to a higher up (Senior admin +) with proof of what happened, who banned you, why they banned you, what you did, why you think you should be unbanned.​

  12. Police Rules

    • You must be a Permanent Police Officer (PPO) to be corporal or higher​ (Apply here to become one).

    • Civilians may not interfere / assist with any police doing's.

    • All TPO's and PPO's must follow the Standard Operating Procedures (To be added).

    • The Prison is to be used by the PPO's, If a TPO is in need of arresting someone they shall first contact a PPO to take them to prison then if a PPO is not available arrest them in a custom prison.

    • Police are required to wear their specific uniform (Corporal's shall wear the Corporal uniform while TPO's shall wear the normal Officer uniform.

  13. New Life Rule (NLR)

    • On death you forget the past 10 minutes of your life, therefor you cannot go back to your location of death or remember what previously happened.​

  14. Combat Logging

    • Do not leave the server while being arrested, in a fight or while being spoken to by a member of Administration.​

  15. No Excessive use of Lights

    • Lights are to be used for lighting rooms therefore you do not need more then a single light for a 2x2 sized room.​

  16. Building Limits

    • Maximum building size is 3 high, 5 wide, 5 long (floor's).​

    • Exceptions may be made for job specific buildings with an Administrators approval (Admin+ only).

    • Building may not be on sidewalk or roads, and doors may not lead directly onto the road. Toll booth's are permitted, though a player must be able to get through if no one is at the gate. A maximum of charge is $15 to pass.

  17. No Advertising

    • Advertising any servers, links, IP's are prohibited​

    • Exceptions include: Anything that regards our server, i.e. Reports, Our Website, etc

  18. Have Fun!

    • I shouldn't have to explain this one.​

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